Now you can be absolutely sure of your work space, the quality of your product or the results of your research.

Would you like a certified measurement?


Measurement protocols

Our company, after conducting measurements, issues the most comprehensive and detailed measurement protocols both in written and electronic form.

Depending on your requirements, we can configure our protocols always with respect to the international standards.

Measurement contracts

Measurement contracts provide you with confidence, flexibility and planning in your annual measurements among others, since by getting to know your spaces, needs and the way they work, we can advise and guide you in terms of their annual maintenance, point out crucial points and help you improve your processes.


Microparticulate load control: Controls the percentage of microparticles in the space and defines the class of the space according to the domestic and international regulations.

Integrity and filter leakage control: In fact these are two checks that almost always go hand in hand. They are performed to check the condition of an absolute filter or the possibility of its leakage.

Smoke air flow control: This control is performed with the help of a smoke generator and helps us see and record in real time the air flow in the space or in a photo or by taking a video.

Space recovery control: With space recovery control we observe and record the time it takes for a space to return to its normal state in terms of microparticle load after having first controllably polluted it.

Pressure difference control: We control with a specific machine the pressure difference between the spaces to ensure the correct operating conditions and avoid contamination or movement of particles between spaces.

Temperature control: We control the temperature within the required spaces with a specific machine.

Humidity control: We control with a specific machine the humidity within the required spaces.

Air velocity control / air supply: We control the velocity (m³ supply) of air at air inlets or outlets.

Inspections carried out when necessary:

  • Noise control
  • Lighting control
  • Control of air pollutants Ο₂ CO₂ CO NO NO₂ SO₂
  • Control of microparticles on surfaces (Walls, workbenches, etc.)
  • Integrity of special antimicrobial floors control
  • Control of space pollution by organic or inorganic substances VOC’s.

By studying and analyzing all the elements that come from the inspections that we carry out, we not only ensure the high quality conditions that we need in our space but we are provided with the possibility of valid organization and risk prevention.


The best way to study and analyze the data of the elements that we request, is the continuous recording of the conditions that exist in our space, commonly called as the monitoring system.

With the installation of a continuous control system we have the ability to be informed in real time about the conditions prevailing in our space, to prevent and correct immediately any deviation of the system and to save energy and time.

Our company is able to provide you with a complete study and installation of a continuous control system that fully covers your needs.