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Would you like a Cost Estimation for your project?


Clean rooms, such as pharmaceutical companies, food industries, ICU-MAF, laboratories or negative pressure areas have special specifications and needs.

As a result, the construction, configuration and air conditioning system (HVAC) of a space are always designed according to your needs and the specifications that must be met, from ISO 3 to ISO 8 (Class A-B-C-D) & GMP’s.

At AAC Kalavrias, aiming to provide flexible solutions according to your needs, we work with leading companies in construction, air conditioning and other materials such as floors, lighting, special components, Air lock, electronic door and communication systems, BMS etc. or depending on your requirements, we use tailor made solutions ensuring you the desired outcome between investment and result.


The preliminary design and pre-assessment of a project gives us a quick & comprehensive look of how much the project will cost, what kind of building and air conditioning systems can be used, which class should be preferred according to international standards and GMP’s.

Thereby we are able to give you useful information that will help you make critical decisions at the beginning of a project.


  • Preliminary Design and Cost Estimation of the project
  • Design & construction of industrial spaces
  • Design & construction of clean rooms
  • Design – supply – construction of air conditioning systems (HVAC Systems)
  • Design – supply – construction of cooling-heating systems
  • Clean room engineering
  • Interior design & upgrade
  • Turn key solutions
  • E / M studies
  • Conforming with GMP’s, ISO, VDI, ASHRAE
  • Consultanting services
  • Maintenance & certification contracts


In the field of clean rooms, our company can literally offer you everything.

In addition to the study, construction or upgrade of the space, we provide you with consumables (special floors, clothing items, space cleaning and disinfection), annual measurements or final certification giving a different meaning to the word turn key solutions!