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  • Measurements and certification of spaces
  • Cleaning of premises and machinery
  • Training in the appropriate way of handling materials and personnel on the premises
  • Disinfection of spaces
  • Consultant services
  • Design and installation of Monitoring Systems
  • Measurement and maintenance contracts for the premises
  • Inspection and organizing of your needs on consumables.


Yes, you can now be absolutely sure of your work space, the quality of your product or the results of your research.

By carrying out all inspections in accordance with domestic and international regulations – ISO, DIN, VDI, GMP – we make sure that all critical elements that could turn out fatal to our work such as absolute filters or particle load of the space are in the desired conditions.

The measurement and certification of a clean room, whether it consists of many rooms or is just a threaded or vertical flow chamber (Laf, Biosafety cabinets) includes a total of 7 main inspections followed by some more which are performed only when necessary.

Our company having well-trained staff and accredited state-of-the-art instruments performs all the necessary measurements that can provide you with quality and reliability at every step.


Chemistry and laboratory benches

Our company undertakes the whole study and proposal for the new installation or upgrade of your laboratory from a simple chemistry bench to complex constructions and exhaust systems.

Design and construction of weighbridges, portable LAF and Booth

Whether it is a weighbridge or a portable / detachable LAF, we analyze your needs and offer you solutions for the construction or upgrade of a new room, meeting all the specifications and GMP’s.

Depending on their requirements, these rooms can be from an ISO 3 to an ISO 8 class, made of either stainless steel or aluminum systems together with an independent controlled ventilation / air conditioning unit and are measured and certified as normal clean rooms, providing you with flexibility and confidence.


It is a fact that details often make the difference, but in the case of the equipment and consumables of a clean room it is most certain. Many things in the world of germs and microparticles can depend on the quality of a pair of gloves or shoe covers.

Simple things of everyday use can protect us, ensure the quality of our work and the cleanliness of our space.

Our company works with the best companies in the world in order to offer you complete solutions, in accordance with your needs.

Whole equipment of clean rooms such as:

Masks, hats, footwear, uniforms, gloves, workbenches, chairs, trash cans, special floors, cleaning and disinfection systems, disinfectants, mops, cloths, mops, etc.